Cumin Fried Chicken Wings

Cumin Fried Chicken Wings

The cumin flavor is reminiscent of street food bbq in China! Delicious!

  • Crispy
  • Salty
  • Spicy



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Marinate Chicken

I used 1.22lbs of chicken drumettes, but you can also choose chicken wings. It's up to you. :)

First, let's cut both sides of chicken. If you use chicken wings, 2 cuts on each sides are enough; if they're drumettes, i'd suggest 3-4 cuts on each side. It will help the chicken cook well and more quickly later on.

Second, marinate chicken for 1 hour with:
1 tbsp. of light soy sauce
1 tbsp. of cooking wine
1/8 tsp. of salt

Note: When you marinate the chicken, do not add too much of salt. You always can add more salt to taste when they're cooked.

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Fry Chicken

Use a wok or a pan, turn on the heat to high until the wok/pan is hot.
Add 1 tbsp. of oil and turn down the heat to low.

When the oil is warm, add chicken and fry for around 10 minutes, then flip chicken over and fry for another 10 minutes.

1. Keep low heat the whole time, otherwise the outside of chicken could burn while the inside is still raw.
2. During the frying, you should see some blood come out (pic #3), which means the chicken hasn't been cooked thoroughly. Keep frying until fully cooked and the surface of chicken turns to nice golden brown.
If you are still not sure about when the chicken is done of cooking, you can use a knife to cut the thickest part of chicken to see if the meat is still pink(raw).

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Add Spices

Pic #1 is the well cooked chicken.

Now, you can either keep low heat or turn off the heat as long as the chicken is hot/warm.
Add 1/2 tsp. of peppercorn powder, 2 tsp. of cumin powder and 1 tsp. of chili pepper powder. Quickly stir the chicken to mix all spices well.

Note: you can always reduce the amount of peppercorn and chili pepper powder if you can not take too numbing or spicy.

Finally, have a taste to see if it's salty enough or add another 1/8 tsp. of salt.

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Enjoy Your Dish!

Once you start eating these, you can't stop. :)

Sandy Z.

My name is Sandy I'm just a Chinese girl living in the US and I love food! I absolutely love bringing unique Chinese flavors and dishes to everyone's table. Feel free to try out a few recipes! New Food for a New Mood!

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Adjust Servings:
1.22lbs Chicken Wings Or drumettes
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Cooking Wine
0.25 tsp Salt
0.5 tsp Peppercorn Powder You can reduce the amount if it's too numbing
2 tsp Cumin Powder
1 tsp Chili Pepper Powder You can reduce the amount if it's too spicy
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