Cute Eggs

Cute Eggs

Cute! Cute! Cute!

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If you like jell-O, I think you will like this "snack".



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Make Egg Mixture

To make this cute egg, you need to pre-collect egg shells.
Make a hole at the top of the egg, pour out the egg yolk and egg white carefully. You can wash it out and set it aside until you have collected the prefered amount of egg shells. Based on my experience, 1 full egg mixture can fill up 4 egg shells (4 servings).

*Tips: To decide the size of the hole on top of the egg, you should refer to the smallest spoon that you have.

To make the egg mixture, beat 1 egg with a little bit salt.
Then add 1/2 cup of water to mix thoroughly.

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Fill up

Use a piece of aluminum foil. I folded it to make it like 2 layers, I did it this way so that it should be able to hold eggs steady.
Line it on the egg carton, pinch it down to copy the shape. We need 4 egg settings.

After that, I put the egg settings on a steam tray.

Place our empty egg shells on the settings, pour egg mixture into shell.
*Tips: Do not fill it too full, leave about 1/4 inch space to the top.

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Use a wok or a deep and big pot.
Put a steam rack in it, add some water. The water can not be over the rack.

Bring the water to boil with high heat, then put the steam tray on the rack. Cover with a lid.

I steamed for 6 minutes, which is a little bit too long. You should try about 4-5 minutes.

Step 4
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Serve Your Food

I used the top of bottles as the setting to serve these little eggs. And I painted cute emoji on each one, which made it even cuter. I believe it would be the cutest snack at the party.

*Note: you can make this steam egg in a regular bowl. But the steam time requires longer which is about 8-10minutes depends on the amount of egg mixture.

Sandy Z.

My name is Sandy I'm just a Chinese girl living in the US and I love food! I absolutely love bringing unique Chinese flavors and dishes to everyone's table. Feel free to try out a few recipes! New Food for a New Mood!

Little Piggies
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Adjust Servings:
1 Eggs
1/2 cup Water
little bit Salt
Little Piggies
Fried Boiled Egg

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